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Family Pre-mediation

Premediation is a free and confidential service to inform you and help you prepare for family mediation.

This service is offered by the Community Justice Centers in partnership with the Quebec government. It aims to inform and prepare for mediation.

Being separated or in the process of separation
Whether or not you have dependent children
Living in Quebec

Free and Confidential


Questions & Answers

1. How does a pre-mediation appointment look like?

A pre-mediation appointment happens with a legal professional, either a lawyer or a notary, on a one-by-one basis. During this meeting, you will be able to discuss your separation and get information about family mediation. If this option corresponds to your needs and situation, the legal professional will support you in preparing for it and give orientation on how to search for an accredited mediator.

A pre-mediation appointment can last up to 1 hour. It can be done by phone, video conference or in person if health regulations allow it.

2. I am experiencing domestic violence. Is this service for me?

There are situations where family mediation is generally not appropriate, such as when you are experiencing domestic violence.

If you are in a situation of domestic violence and are considering family mediation to settle your separation, you can call on the pre-mediation service. The legal professional will offer you a space for discussion. He or she will give information on family mediation, how it works and the impact of the context of conjugal violence on this process. Legal information can also be provided. With this information, we hope to provide some of the tools needed to make an informed choice on how to formalize your separation.

Please note that many Community Justice Centers also offer a legal information service. If you are a victim of domestic violence and wish to obtain legal information about your rights, whether in family, criminal or other matters, you can also call on this service.

If you are in an emergency situation, please contact SOS Domestic Violence or 911.

3. Do I have to bring my ex-partner to a pre-mediation meeting?

No. The pre-mediation service offers one-on-one appointments only.

4. Is there a fee for the pre-mediation service?

No. The pre-mediation service is free of charge, as are all other services offered by the Community Justice Centers.

5. Where can I access the pre-mediation service?

The pre-mediation service is available in all regions of Quebec. Call 1-844-522-6900 to make an appointment.

6. I am already separated but want to renegotiate the terms of my separation. Is this service for me?

Yes, this service is for any person who wishes to learn more about family mediation in order to address the impacts of their separation. This is true even if the separation has not occurred recently.

7. What is family mediation?

Family mediation allows former spouses to settle the consequences of their separation amicably. Family mediation is led by a neutral person called the mediator. The mediator promotes communication between the former spouses, helps them explore their needs and interests, guides them in finding solutions and assists them in negotiating their agreement.

A certain number of mediation hours are paid for by the Quebec government’s family mediation program for separating couples. Visit the Ministry of Justice website to learn more about family mediation.

Family mediation is generally not recommended in the context of domestic violence.

8. Do Community Justice Centers offer family mediation?

No. Only accredited mediators can offer family mediation sessions.

9. Is it mandatory to do a pre-mediation session to benefit from the family mediation program offered by the Quebec government?

No. Family pre-mediation is voluntary for those who wish to better understand family mediation, assess whether it is a good option in their situation and prepare for it.

10. Does coming to premediation imply that I will go to family mediation?

No, this service has the objective to give information about family mediation and help you prepare for it, if ever you decide to go to family mediation. Therefore, you can come to premediation and decide after whether or not you wish to go to family mediation

11. Who are the Quebec Community Justice Centers?

The Community Justice Centers are non-profit organizations whose mission is to provide legal information, support and guidance to citizens. They are located in several regions of Quebec and welcome citizens free of charge. Visit the Community Justice Centers website for more information.